Channel Advisor Report Shows Slowdown at AMZN EBAY

June 11, 2013


Terrapin Note- ChannelAdvisor issued its montly report on e-commerce sales showing continued declines in growth rates at AMZN as well as EBAY.  Ostensibly up $15 in the last few days on the macro market recovery and enthusiasm around the company's attempts to resurrect the WebVan grocery delivery model and write Viacom large checks for SpongeBob cartoons, we continue to find the ECOM- EBAY (which also saw declines in monthly growth rates in the ECOM report)- GOOG (stable results in the quarter and improving growth rates in recent months) vs AMZN pair very attractive.  We finally note the ECOM data represents another source of consumer market intelligence other than NLSN.


June 10, 2013


May 2013 ChannelAdvisor Same Store Sales (SSS) for eBay, Amazon, Search and CSE

Note: This is a monthly feature published by ChannelAdvisor highlighting the Same Store Sales (SSS) across our wide range of thousands of retailers and billions in GMV.  Details on the SSS including background, methodology, disclaimers and schedule can be found in this post.

Today we are releasing May 2013 data for Marketplaces (eBay/Amazon), Search and Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) along with supplemental data.  In the world of e-commerce as we look at y/y trends it's important to understand any anomalies in the calendar that can distort (positively or negatively) the data.  May is the middle of the second quarter and gives us a view on how the Spring shaped up as we head into summer and Dads and Grads.

Update from BMA, Catalyst US, Catalyst EU and IRCE

Spring in e-commerce means conference season, and I just wrapped up a very immersive month presenting to or meeting with thousands of retailers/manufacturers and hundreds of partners / fellow e-commerce vendors at four shows:

  • Catalyst US - April 29-May 1 in Vegas (1000 attendees)
  • BMA Blaze - May 29-31 in Chicago (800 attendees)
  • Catalyst EU - June 3 - June 4 in London (600 attendees)
  • Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (or IRCE) - June 4-7 in Chicago (10k!! attendees)

What's interesting about so much activity packed into a 5 week window is the similarities.  Regardless of retailer size, B2C or B2B, US or EU, there are six mega trends (I call them Waves of innovation) that everyone is working hard to figure out:

  1. Amazon - B2B folks are intrigued about AmazonSupply and what it means.  B2C manufacturers are increasingly selling direct.  Retailers are working through if Amazon is friend, foe or frenemy.  I've gotten more deep questions about Amazon in the last 5 weeks than in the last 5 years - how does FBA work, details on the marketplace, what's APA, how does ODR work, what's the new POP metric?  Will Amazon dominate the grocery industry?  Why's Amazon launching in India?