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This section continues current news stories selected by Terrapin for their relevance to the BCT sector.

GoPro Product Launch, Media Reports Points to Upside for AMBA

October 21, 2012

Terrapin Note- The article below from Bloomberg on Friday as well as a Bloomberg West report underscore the hyper growth underway at wearable/sports camera maker GoPro.  Especially notable in the BWest report is the brand building and cultural impact of the product, which may well be one of this holiday seasons top gifts.  The company [...]

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Nokia L&C/Maps Unit Back in Focus Post ORCL Deal

October 4, 2012

Terrapin Note- The in depth article below helps highlight a recurring theme at Terrapin with regard to Nokia and a key difference  from consensus, such as it is.  That consensus was perhaps best highlighted by an utterly absurd call coming out of CS Monday downgrading Nokia to a Sell, ironically coincident with the announcement by [...]

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ST Micro Reshuffles Deck Chairs…I think

September 14, 2012

Terrapin Note- The release below adds to our head scratching over the recent STM move- the formula appears to be come to Citi, note that business is awful, fire the head of a key sector (though the “Digital” sector itself was recently created in another reorg) and have everyone else switch nameplates (there may be [...]

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Sifting Through a Groupon Media Barrage

September 11, 2012

Terrapin Note- An interview on Bloomberg this morning , featuring an analyst that apparently liked the stock in double digits but hates in here, was only the tip of the media iceberg for GRPN over the last few days.  As noted below, GRPN CFO and Amazon alum Jason Child was at a Raymond James conference [...]

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CNET Report- Verizon to Roll Out WinPhone

September 5, 2012

Terrapin Note- As noted earlier, had this VZ exec been at the Lumia launch this morning we may have seen a much different reaction in the shares.  This also helps address availability questions, though again  with multiple Micosoft, Nokia and media people walking around with them today, the Lumia 920 looks pretty well baked.  Finally, [...]

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Out of the Mouths on Babes- Real Competition for FB?

September 4, 2012

Terrapin Note- The humiliating debacle that is the MS led IPO of Facebook can only be described with one “word” that anyone who has been on a capital markets desk knows well, it begins with S…and ends with ..Show.  It continued today, catalyzed by…Morgan Stanley (see below) and a devastating story in the New York [...]

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Nokia Shares Up on Apple Samsung Ruling

August 27, 2012

Terrapin Note-While the story below may be taking things a bit too far in terms of implications, in general we feel like the market reaction in NOK is the most notable and most approrpriate.  With the Lumia reportedly held up by Applie in the trial and an example of an alternative, non infringing approach to [...]

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Bloomberg reports VZ to launch NOK Win8 Handset

August 22, 2012

Terrapin Note- This appears to be what senior Verizon executives mean when they say “We created Android, and we will create WinPhone as well” and its that sentiment at both major US carriers that helped drive our positive view of NOK.  Though the shares are up today we continue to argue that there is no [...]

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Amazon Sales Tax Story in WSJ

July 16, 2012

Terrapin Note- Could it be that AMZN is making huge investments in fixed infrastructure exactly at the moment that it’s primary competitive advantage evaporates? With Texas and California becoming level playing fields this year, we shall certainly see.  Terrapin continues to see AMZN’s willingness to pay off states for even a six to twelve month [...]

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Report Indicates Majority of Developers Planning for WinPhone

June 23, 2012

Terrapin Note- The developers appear to be well ahead of the Street- we continue to see a when not if scenario with WinPhone8. Running out of things to worry about, bears (basically everyone) are now talking about the potential for MSFT to make its own phones post the recent surface launch and/or other hardware partners [...]

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