TMT Sector Overview

Terrapin focuses primarily on technologies deployed by carriers, service providers and enterprises globally  to keep pace with the explosive increases in bandwidth, storage and computing demand to support a wide range of established and emerging mobile, video, and cloud applications.  As such the research process begins with the capital spending plans and technology focus of carriers such as Verizon, AT&T,Comcast,  BT, Telefonica, China Mobile and NTT,  application and service providers such as Google, Akamai, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix and large enterprises globally.

From that starting point analysis proceeds up and down the technology and services  foodchain including suppliers of systems sold to network providers; subsystem, semiconductor and component technologies sold to systems suppliers; and enabling technologies such as test equipment, cable and wire,  contract manufacturing and construction and installation services.  This vertical approach contrasts sharply with the horizontal “silo” approach employed in most investment research where categories of service, application, content and technology providers serving the same end market trends are placed in separate coverage universes.

While Terrapin’s core focus on communications, storage and networking in carrier networks,  data centers and enterprise networks captures a large and valuable swath of the overall technology landscape, it does not capture it all.  Terrapin is incrementally less focused on areas such as the PC technology foodchain with a greater focus on consumer technology in the smatphone market as well as the applications and services that drive usage of these devices.

The matrix below describes the breadth of depth of Terrapin's focus in the communications sector, with one company selected for each category that is representative of that particular sector.  With nearly 50 categories described by the matrix, the number of companies in Terrapin's TMT universe runs will into the hundreds.

  Wireline Optical IP Data VoIP Digital Video Wireless/Backhaul End to End Global
Enabling Tech
Service providers